fireplaces and furnaces


We believe in quality and promote modern furnace making.

All furnaces and fireplace inserts comply with the rigorous standards and requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive.

We create unique fireplace casings, listening to the needs, tastes and expectations of our Customers.

We use all types of heating systems - convection systems, storage heaters and systems using water exchangers. They are at the core of all the solutions we work on, for the living and commercial spaces.

Through accurate craftsmanship we create:
- tile furnaces and fireplaces
- natural stone fireplaces (using granite, marble, sandstone, soapstone, onyx, reconstituted marble, sintered quartz and architectural concrete)
- stand-alone fireplaces and furnaces
- garden furnaces and fire pits made of Corten steel.

We can also advise on and install the best chimney system for the chosen heating device. Despite our fondness for wood-burning fireplaces, we are up-to-date on new trends and technical solutions. That’s why we offer pellet-burning furnaces,
electric fireplaces as well as natural gas or bio-ethanol burning fireplaces.

We provide secure purchasing and the highest quality service. Having items installed by our team allows you to extend the defects liability period for heating equipment. It's always a pleasure for us to be at the first kindling in a new fireplace.

Our brands: